The 2nd Wuhan Whole House Customized Doors and Windows Expo will be held in mid-May 2022

The 2022 Wuhan Whole House Customized Home Furnishing, Doors and Windows Expo will be held at Wuhan Living Room·China Culture Expo Center from May 13th to 15th, 2022.


In order to promote the prosperity and development of customized furniture, home furnishings, building materials, building decoration and related industries in Hubei and even central provinces and cities, this exhibition adheres to the purpose of promoting the prosperity and development of the industry to assist in the establishment and improvement of city/county market sales channels and promote the industrialization of construction And to install new industrialized products, realize industrial upgrading and transformation, expand consumption, and stimulate domestic demand.

This exhibition intends to invite more than 800 exhibitors from all over the country, with an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, to provide good investment services for many exhibitors across the country, build a display image for exhibitors, and achieve rapid investment development. Provincial, city, and county-level distribution agents, Franchisees, establish and improve a one-stop comprehensive exhibition platform for market sales channels. The organizing committee will invite nearly 100,000 distributors and franchises from hundreds of building materials and home furnishing/furniture markets in the surrounding provinces and other provinces, municipalities, and counties through large database customer service phone invitations and one-to-one visits. Businessmen came to visit and participate in the conference to assist enterprises in attracting investment in various cities and county-level markets in one step.


Looking forward to the future, we should also look back at its brilliance. The first Central (Wuhan) Whole House Customization and Doors and Windows Expo is positioned as a "high-end custom platform for the whole house". It has set up 4 theme pavilions for whole house customization, customized doors and windows, mechanical equipment, accessories and accessories, and won the home furnishing industry. The joint support of all parties has won numerous praises in the industry. Many companies compete on the same stage and the new products are blooming, demonstrating the thriving trend of the home building materials industry in Central China.


The scope of this exhibition includes six categories: whole house customization, system doors and windows, woodworking machinery and furniture raw materials and so on. The exhibition schedule is as follows: Set-up time: May 10-12; Exhibition time: May 13-15; Dismantling time: May 15.

We believe that on the basis of the success of the first exhibition, this exhibition will better grasp its own positioning, exert its influence and drive to a greater extent, inject new vitality into the home furnishing market, and present a prosperous trend.

Post time: May-10-2021