Open a window, the full-open window online science exhibition was successfully held

Recently, Dijing Doors and Windows held a full-opening popular science live event on the official website. It is designed to popularize the popular science of the general public in recent years, to avoid prejudice caused by ignorance, and to allow the general public to better choose suitable windows and home decoration styles. Is a full-open window good? What are the characteristics of a full-open window during use? These frequently encountered problems during the decoration process will be revealed by experts in this popular science activity.


The company’s design experts were invited to summarize the characteristics of the full-open window for everyone at the on-site event. It is a high-end door and window. Generally, it is installed on the balcony near the living room. Its hinges and hinges are installed on the side of the door and window. The window is opened inward or outward, and the airtightness is better. Double-layer and three-layer insulating glass have better sound insulation, so it is accepted by the majority of consumers. Fully open windows mainly have the following advantages:

The opening area is large, the method is flexible, the ventilation performance and lighting performance are good, and it is beautiful and atmospheric. Casement windows can be opened in the form of fixed opening in the window design, with good sealing performance, sound insulation and heat preservation, and it is more convenient to clean windows and change curtains. 2. Transparent and open, get closer to the external environment. The reason why the building has a balcony is to allow people living in the building to have a place for outdoor activities and increase the chance of contact with nature. If the balcony is closed to become a storage room for items, the use function of the balcony will disappear.


But at the same time, there are some shortcomings in the use of full-open windows. For example, windows that open inward will occupy indoor space and are easy to bump, while windows that open outside need to take up a large space outside the wall, and the base will be easily damaged when strong winds are blown. To fall to imitate people. These are the points that need to be paid attention to during the installation process.

After this popular science live broadcast, I believe you have learned many features of the full-open window. Of course, everything has both advantages and disadvantages, and full-open windows are no exception. I hope everyone can choose the type that suits their own needs according to their actual needs.

Post time: Aug-16-2021