How to choose a folding door How to choose a folding door

Folding doors are widely used in modern homes. Considering that some homes have a small total area, the application of folding doors can save indoor space. So how to buy a folding door? What is the purchase method?
How to buy a folding door?
1. Check the operational flexibility of scrolling.
Many people will buy a folding door, the fundamental reason is that it is convenient to use, so everyone needs to check the operational flexibility of the door. But many people think that the light weight of the folding door is better. In fact, this is also wrong, because the door needs to have a certain net weight when it is used. A lot of content can be queried on Baidu.
2. Look outside
For folding doors, the appearance quality is an important target for purchase, and the quality of the door can be distinguished by hand touch and contour light. For example, touch the outer frame and corners of the door with your hands to see if it is smooth, and then observe whether the paint surface of the door panel is smooth.
3. Is the bearing capacity of the roller sufficiently strong?
Although the hardware accessories of folding doors may seem insignificant, they are usually related to the service life of the door, so they must not be ignored when purchasing. Since the folding door must be rolled frequently, the quality of the pulley block must be based on, because if the bearing capacity of the bottom wheel is insufficient, the quality of the folding door will be affected, so there are some inconveniences in use, which will endanger the conventional application of the door.
4. Touch
Touch the door cover with your hand. control Panel. In the corner, it is stipulated that there is no scratching feeling, soft and delicate, and then stand on the side of the door to see if the paint surface of the door panel has convex and concave wave patterns. Most of the time, according to these 2 times, you can know whether the processing technology is up to standard.
What other purchase methods are there for folding doors?
Here we can detect according to five levels:
1. As far as possible, select manufacturers with well-known brands that are evaluated by users. Such manufacturers are relatively standard in terms of product quality and security system.
2. Check the manufacturer’s relevant certification, and whether the relevant national standards are complete and authentic.
3. Good color contrast is the main factor for dyeing the bedroom, so after confirming the design style, the color matching skills of the small folding door and the color of the bedroom should be considered secondly.
4. The purpose of decorating the house is to create a warm and harmonious living environment. Therefore, when choosing a small folding door, the first thing to consider is the harmony of design style and color.

Post time: Apr-22-2022